About Brad Ictech

Sociological Social Psychologist

Who Am I? 

Brad Ictech is a trained quantitative and qualitative researcher who has worked in IT for over 15 years and as a researcher since 2013. He received a BA in Sociology from Southeastern Louisiana University, an MA in Sociology from the University of New Orleans, and is currently a PhD candidate specializing in Social Psychology at Louisiana State University. Brad has taught college courses on statistics (University of New Orleans) and social psychology (Louisiana State University) in the past before joining Children’s International Medical Group as Chief Analytics Officer (CAO). Currently residing in Slidell, he is married with two children with whom he loves to spend his free time.

As the CAO, Brad is responsible for the analyses of all data related to operations, marketing, and IT. In addition, he is in charge of executing all digital marketing and maintaining the IT infrastructure for Children’s International Medical Group.

As a Social Psychologist he is interested in how technology affects society and the self. His current research interests include social interactions through virtual reality, smartphone apps, social media, and MMORPGs.

Recently Published Works

  • Ictech, B. (2019) Smartphones and Face-to-Face Interaction: Digital Cross-Talk During Encounters in Everyday Life: Digital Cross-talk During Encounters in Symbolic Interation
  • Ictech, B., Seiler, S. (2018) Goffman, Erving (asylums, presentation of self, interaction rituals) in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Surveillance, Security, and Privacy.
  • Seiler, S., Ictech, B. (2015). Chapter Three – Relationship Formation & Maintenance via the Internet in The Virtual Enemy: The Intersection between Intimate Partner Abuse, Technology, and Cybercrime.

Published Works


Areas of Expertise

Theoretical Concepts Created

Once a with partner becomes alienated by exclusive digital cross‐talk they become a single who is subject to the sometimes unfavorable judgments of those around.

My Skills

Monday through Friday I conduct business intellgience research for my clients and employer and on the weekends I’m busy conducting quantitative and qualitative research to further our scientific knowledge of human behavior. What can I say? I like to keep busy. 

I guess I would describe these a things I am well known for among my peers, but they are only a small fraction of the skills I have acquired during my many years in the technology industry, academia, and healthcare.

  • Social Psychological Theory
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Digital Marketing

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