Life Coach Dr. Brad Ictech

Master Your Inner Self

I help men master their skills, self-worth, and masculinity so they can be the individual they’ve always wanted to be & live a life that aligns with their values and purpose using social psychological principles.

— Does your life lack a sense of PURPOSE?

— Are your CONNECTIONS unfulfilling or missing altogether?

— Do you look to others for VALIDATION or a sense of worth?

— Are you in need of accountability, courage, or CONFIDENCE?

— Are you having DOUBTS about your skills or knowledge?

— Are you repressing desires or SECRETS you need to face?

— Do you feel INDECISIVE, paralyzed, or stuck?

It’s time to change…

The process is simple.

We explore. We discover. We take action.

Social Psychologist in Slidell LA

Throughout my life I have found myself at a cross roads many times. When I did, I was either unhappy with my income, my career, my relationships, or my health. Each time, I realised that I had allowed my life to just do its own thing in this sphere of my life without taking action myself to steer it toward a desired destination.

Unlike many other coaches I did not seek guidance from a professional coach or mentor, I looked within and leaned on my own strengths.

Being a Social Psychologist, I implemented new social and personal strategies until I formed a system of principles based on social psychological theories that helped me take control of my life, achieve any goal, and make things happen.

Reflecting on my own success lead me on the path of establishing a dynamic coaching service for men. My job is to help you succeed at accomplishing your goals by providing you with 1) a step-by-step path to achieving realistic goals, 2) coping skills for various situations, 3) mental tips and tricks to gain the edge, 4) an understanding of how to master your inner self.

If you feel that you have not reached your full potential, that you could achieve much more both career wise and with respect to personal goals then let me help you. Give me a call for a free phone consultation.

Dr. Brad Ictech

It’s Your Turn To Overcome Obstacles And Achieve New Goals

Take your life to the next level with social psychological based life coaching

The Ultimate Self System

This system is based on science-backed methodologies for restructuring the brain’s cognitive functions and changing behaviors. We target four primary behavioral spheres of life which, when fine tuned and balanced, create the foundation for optimal performance.

Problem Solving

  • Learn how to assess stressful situations, and solve local problems without losing global focus. Develop the foresight to know how to choose your battles, and when to walk away.

Discipline & Routine

  • Become more organized in your daily, weekly, and monthly routines: hit the gym, maintain your diet, and stay ahead of personal planning.

Mindfulness & Performativity

  • Develop practices which will unlock your deeper potential and help you achieve maximum performance in your daily life.

Validation & Confidence

  • Conquer fear and judgment through an introspective process guaranteed to strengthen social relationships, and bolster self-confidence in high-risk scenarios.

Working Together We Will Build Your Skills And Confidence

I Will Show You How To Build The Life You Want One Step At A Time